Birdathon at Viles Arboretum

On May 14th 2022, Viles Arboretum will host its first ever Birdathon fundraiser. Birdathon is exactly as the name suggests - a birding marathon. It is $15 per person to enter the competition with all proceeds directly benefitting the Arboretum and its mission. Teams, or individuals, will compete to observe the most birds between sunrise and sunset on the Arboretum grounds.

Birdathon at VilesOnly birds that can be clearly seen or heard within the property boundaries of the Arboretum are eligible to be counted as a part of the competition. 

The day will start at 5:00 am in the Education Center (barn) with a hearty sunrise breakfast consisting of eggs, sausage, pastries and fruit. The competition officially opens at sunrise, 5:13 am. The day will conclude at sunset, 7:58 pm. We will announce the winning team and standings on Sunday May 15th by 5:00 pm. Winners will be able to pick up their prizes at the Visitor Center the following week. 

This is designed to be a more laid back, family-friendly version of the many Birdathon events hosted by conservation organizations across the country. Whether you are an expert birder, or a complete novice, we encourage you to participate and simply enjoy the spirit of the event. Teams are encouraged, but not mandatory.

If you are interested in participating in this years Birdathon, follow this link to register: Birdathon 2022