How To Preserve Nature While Visiting Viles Arboretum

How To Preserve Nature While Visiting Viles Arboretum


The Viles Arboretum is a community favorite place for hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities. This vital historical spot has a long history, including being a collection of working farms at one point many years ago. Now, it is 224 acres of woodlands, grasslands, and natural aquifers that provide safe habitats for many local animal species as well as regional plants and flowers.

The Arboretum trails are open every day from sunrise to sunset throughout the year for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, walking, birdwatching and more. But, when you are enjoying the beauty of this local landmark, it is essentialPine Cone that you consider the following things to avoid damaging the lands of our Arboretum or hurting the animals that live here:

Take Out Your Trash

There are a lot of people that love to hike here, and if they all did not take their trash out, the trash would quickly become a big problem. This is why all trash must be disposed of properly when you visit with us. There are trash bins located at the trailheads and parking areas. It is important that you never leave your trash behind or throw it on the ground. Even food scraps need to be thrown away. Many people leave food scraps in nature under the assumption that they will decompose. While it is true that they will decompose, it can take years for that to happen. In the meantime, food waste can make animals very sick if consumed by them, spread bacteria, and contaminate the water.  be sure to take all of your trash with you during your visit and ensure you dispose of it properly every time. 

Dogs On Leashes Always

You are more than welcome to bring your dog to walk with you when you visit the Arboretum and enjoy our many trails. However, you need to always keep your dog both on a leash and under verbal control. This is because the Arboretum is home to many delicate species of plants and grasses that can be destroyed by dogs that are not leashed. Dogs that are off-leash also can chase and even injure or kill some of the wildlife that lives here. Additionally, dogs can be disruptive or scary to other people that are visiting the Arboretum, especially children. Finally, we ask that you please make sure to pick up after your dog as well.

Leave The Animals Alone

The animals that live here depend on the grounds of the Arboretum for both survival and safety. Please be mindful of this and do your part in not interfering with their well-being by making sure you don’t try to approach, feed or pet them. You can observe the animals from a distance or take photos or videos if you would like, but you should never try to get close to them. This is for both the safety of the animals as well as your own. Also, please never leave food out for the animals or try to get them to eat from your hands. Human food is not meant for animals, and therefore can make them very sick. Animals that have become habituated to people also pose a risk to visitors. Ultimately, we ask that you please enjoy seeing these animals in their natural habitat from a distance. 

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