Summer Camps

Viles Arboretum offers a variety of educational youth programs designed to engage children with nature. Our fun, interactive hands-on programs take full advantage of our 224 acre preserve. Whether you are looking for a low-cost educational activity to do with your child on the weekend, searching for school trip opportunities or exploring an outdoor summer camp opportunity, Viles Arboretum has options for families and educators alike. 

The summer camp programs at Viles Arboretum offer engaging and educational opportunities for children ages 7-12. At this unique day camp, campers can explore nature, learn about ecology, and participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and bird-watching. With experienced counselors and a beautiful natural setting, Viles Arboretum's summer camp program is the perfect way for kids to learn, grow, and have fun during the summer months. Whether attending one, or all five, of our week-long summer sessions, campers will come away with new knowledge, skills, and memories to last a lifetime.

Summer Camps

Young Stewards Summer Program; ages 7-11

Built on prior years of summer camp's at Viles Arboretum, this summer enrichment experience will give children the chance to become scientists for the week. Children will collect samples, use tools like microscopes, learn real-life survey techniques and more. Coupled with summer camp classics like group games, arts and crafts, and time to just explore the woods, this week is a celebration of the great outdoors. This program follows a “student-led” model, encouraging youth to explore and within their interests and establish their own boundaries. Our model offers a unique opportunity for children to play and learn in a safe environment that is more lightly structured and not overly restrictive. There is a good balance between structured and choice-based program opportunities available throughout each day of camp. 

In addition to in-depth exploration, children will also have the opportunity to tackle their own service project as environmental stewards, helping to take care of and celebrate the rich Arboretum resource.