The Piggery was a large three-story barn, heated by burning wood. For a number of years, the sale of Piggery-raised pure bred pigs across the state was a lucrative source of income for the farm. The Piggery burned down and was immediately rebuilt in 1904. After it burned again in 1944, the raising of pigs was discontinued.

The access road across the farm, now the northern boundary of the Arboretum, continues to be known as "The Piggery Road." Remnants of the Piggery are still visible on the trail to the northwest of Viles Pond.

A slaughterhouse and rendering plant were located near the Piggery and there were several other barns and sheds used for various purposes. Also near the Piggery was a small granite quarry where a stone crusher was installed. The crusher provided materials for building roads, walks, driveways, floors, and foundations for the institution. In later years, the quarry was used as a dump and was eventually filled in.