American Chestnut Seedlings Available

July is the month that the glorious blooms of the American Chestnut Tree appear.  Arguably one of the showiest tree blooms in Maine, it is certainly a much-anticipated time to visit Viles Arboretum.  As you approach the trees you will smell the blooms immediately, next you will probably hear and see the blooms alive with visiting pollinators.  

american chestnut seedlings available 2020a


american chestnut seedlings available 2020bThanks to a generous local donor,  we were given over 120 hybridized American Chestnut seedlings this summer for individuals to purchase at Viles Arboretum.  Many of these were quickly purchased by local American Chestnut enthusiasts, eager to help contribute to the goal of restoring Chestnuts plantings back into Maine.  

If you are interested in purchasing American Chestnut Seedlings, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 207-626-7989.  Additionally we encourage you to visit the website for the American Chestnut Foundation at to learn more about their mission, history of the American Chestnut and much more.